Rogue Pickings

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Welcome to Rogue Pickings, the roaming truck bringing you the freshest ingredients and ideas in food. Our team works hard so you can be sure our ingredients are alweys fresh and picked carefully. Our menu changes every day and is made with you in mind. we can't wait to come to you! Check out our locations to see where you can find us.

Today's Specials

  • Flaming Hummus & Falafel Salad
  • Sizzling Bean Burrito
  • Green Gloves Tamales

Our Awesome Reviews

"I got so excited about yummines of the falafel salad that I am typing this review as I inhale my lunch. Yes it is that good... Service was super friendly and quick. Can't wait see you Rogue Pickings again tomorrow!"

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1001 Potrero Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 206-8000