Self Identity part 1 – How I created my logo and website

As a web designer and developer, I needed a logo that’s recognizable and reflects what I do. I started sketching ideas, mostly a combination of my initials with coding language symbols. My goal was a simple, black and white logo. After some serious trial and error, I came up with my current design.

Logo sketch

My logo is a combination of stylized letters made out of black triangles and angle brackets (inequality signs < and >), which I use while coding in markup languages like HTML and PHP.

While selecting fonts, I decided on the Sans Serif font to keep my brand modern. For colors I decided on coral red and steel blue as a contrasting combination of warm and cold. Contrasting the sharp triangles, I included circles in my design to soften the feel of my brand while remaining clean and simple.

I wanted to keep my brand consistent on social media, so I created my own avatar icon. The avatar that I use on social media was created by editing and layering my own, original photography and a screen shot of my code in a coding editor.

Social Media Avatar

I coded my static website on HTML5 Boilerplate. It’s completely custom, made from scratch.
A static website doesn’t have the functionalities that CMS offers, such as a blog. Naturally, my next goal was to create a WordPress site with a blog, where I can share different content with my readers and clients to connect with them. I used the Kuhn theme by Morten Rand-Hendriksen . I customized this _s (Underscores) theme and made my own child theme.

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