What I learned from selling a guitar necklace

Once upon a time, I made a unique felted wool, acoustic guitar necklace and sold it through my online Etsy store.  A few days later I got this email from a customer:


The guitar has been one of my favorites for a long time… As an art teacher in a high school, I like to have my students see that artisans are alive and well in the good old USA.  Wore my guitar today in school. Everyone loved it. Then I went to the dentist, and everyone in the waiting room wanted to know where I got it. I passed your info on to them. Can’t wait to get my electric guitar necklace… 


guitar necklace
Then I sold a flamingo necklace, a crane necklace, a toucan necklace, and a crazy-nature-inspired necklace I named Manic Organic…. It made me realize that my felted wool products were not everyday products for everyday people. My jewelry was a product of my imagination, and my evolving and maturing skills.  My works were extremely unique and made from high quality materials.   You couldn’t find anything like that anywhere else. Honestly, most women would probably never wear my jewelry, but the ones who did, loved them.  They became loyal customers who were proud to wear pieces and took it upon themselves to recommended me to others. My customers were from, and my jewelry pieces were shipped, all over the world: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Germany, Greece, England, France, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, Turkey, Vietnam, and all over the United States.


There was no clash of cultures, religions, languages, or geography.  My customers and I shared the common love of the unusual, the weird, the unique, the different, the unconventional…


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That’s how I see myself, my life’s purpose.  I don’t do normal… stuff that everybody likes. I don’t make websites that are for everyone. I make websites for people and businesses who want to reach a specific type of user.  Everything I do, I do my own authentic way.  I am not the best developer on the planet.  I consider myself a beginner who has not been tainted by what is normal and safe in the world of web development.  I have a unique vision that inspires me.  This inspiration drives me to improve my skills every day so that I can realize my own vision and the vision of my clients.  By combining my skills and creativity, I can do much more than just make average websites for average people.


I make websites for, by, and with people who choose to succeed through collaboration.  I care about my partners (clients) in web design, their ideas, their work, and their business. I am personally invested in their happiness and success.  They trust me to translate their aesthetic and operational needs that will result in a website that will stand out and bring value to their organization’s goals.

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