What I learn from selling the Guitar Necklace


Once upon a time I’ve made a guitar necklace, and sold it in my online store. A few days later I’ve got his email:

The guitar has been one of my favorites for a long time… As an art teacher in a high school, I like to have my students see that artisans are alive and well in the good old USA.

Wore my guitar today in school. Everyone loved it. Then I went to the dentist, and everyone in the waiting room wanted to know where I got it. I passed your info on to them. Can’t wait to get my electric guitar…

I worked with people all around the world. My products were not everyday products for everyday people. I used to make very unusual jewelry that was product of my imagination, that you couldn’t find anywhere else. Most of women won’t wear it, but the ones who love it, they use to come for more and they would spread a word. They were proud to wear it and to recommended to others.

And that’s how I see my purpose. I don’t want to do “normal” staff that everyone can like. It’s boring! I am not the best developer, far from that, I am still a beginner. Not the most skilled designer either. But I think that I have a unique vision and with skills that I am learning I can do much more then make average websites for average people. I would rather do something important for people who choose to work with me, then please everyone.

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