What is CDB process and why should you try it

Campfire Duck Box (CDB) is a name of a rock band concept that my husband made with my kids. CDB is an unexpected result of the collusion of their own ideas and personalities. It’s a name that stands out and is unique and memorable. It is a name that easily peaks one’s curiosity. Campfire Duck Box! You can’t say it without a smile. The name itself reflects positive energy, the energy of their music.

When you decide on a name for your business, book, blog title, music album… you have to be sure that it’s a perfect fit. I must reflect your content, feelings, and goals. If you want to add a little quirkiness, we can take a journey through the CDB come-up-with-a-weird-name process together.

The perfect title does not have to be a mix of industry standard terms, it can be an eclectic mix of words that perfectly describe your story

To start, all you need is a good knowledge of your content, your mission, an imagination, some paper, and something to write with. Instead of tearing up plain old paper, you can use sticky notes or index cards. Write all of the words you come up with on a small, separate piece of paper.

  1. For one stack of words, come up with 5-10 key nouns that describe your unique work, products, services, etc.
  2. For the other stack, come up with 5-10 adjectives that describe your unique work, products, services, etc. Think outside the box and write down your descriptive words. Ask yourself some questions to hone in on the perfect words. Do your adjectives associate you with a particular…
  • Era: Retro, Modern, Victorian?
  • Style: Gothic, Grotesque, Classical?
  • Taste: Spicy, Tangy, Sweet?
  • Touch: Sharp, Cold, Silky?
  • Sound: Loud, Whispering, Squeaking?
  • Color: Lavender, Scarlet, Gold?
  • Size: Massive, Petite, Tiny?
  • Shape: Deep, Flat, Fluffy?
  • Time: Future, Ancient, Now?
  • Amount: One, Multiple, Infinite?
  • Emotion: Ecstatic, Manic, Melancholy?
  • Personality: Clever, Sassy, Cool?
  • Appearance: Wooden, Glossy, Handsome?
  • Situation: Tricky, Bizarre, Simple?
  1. When you think that you are done brain-storming, pick a word or two from each stack, and watch the words come together. Mix and match! Get creative! Repeat the process!
  2. When you are satisfied with your title you’ll have a creative, original combination of words that describe your work perfectly!

To help you get more descriptive adjectives, this link can get your creative juices flowing:

Have fun with the CDB come-up-with-a-weird-name process!

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