How to have more doughnuts and champagne moments

We were getting ready for our vacation and had just one evening to finish everything: not just packing our suitcases, but finish the project we were working on, chores around the house, and a few errands. Magically, we accomplished everything. We were exhausted but exited for our trip. It’s surprising how we can get things done when we have a deadline.

Same happens when guests announce that they will stop by and visit us because they’re in the neighborhood. In ten minutes we can straighten up, dust, and manage to put a batch of brownies in the oven. Right?! How is that possible?

Limit your time

We can be more productive on a daily basis if we assign a deadline to our projects.  “When you decide how long something will take and you stick to that, that’s when your production gets huge momentum.” – said life coach, Brooke Castillo on Amy Porterfield podcast.

Brooke thinks that people sometimes give themselves too much time to produce a result.  But there is no real correlation between spending more time working on something and actually producing something! Focused and action, goal-oriented work is a key for getting stuff done faster.

Focus on priorities, and use your time to finish important tasks first. To focus means identifying and ignoring distractions, like checking your phone, or doing tiny chores around the office or house. 

Better done then perfect is what we are aiming for here! Brooke decided that she was ok with B-minus work—because she knew it would still produce good results.

So just do it and move forward.

Stephen Covey’s Big Rocks video is a great visual of how problematic it can be focusing on the little things first

Have something to look forward to

My example with vacation as a motivational boost is an example of the power of reward. 

Carey Bentley, a co-founder of Lifehack Bootcamp, suggests identifying what could you do this week, month, quote or year that will move you forward and allow you to celebrate it with champagne at the end.

Depending on action you want to complete, decide how you are going to reward yourself for your productivity. Have something to look forward to. It doesn’t need to be champagne, you can choose your Prize Moment… make a thing out of it… be proud and celebrate!

Lara Hogan, an engineering manager believes it’s important to celebrate career achievements with doughnuts, and she shares photos of her doughnuts and her good news with public!  LINK

Make more time for things you love by using time effectively!  With the time you can reclaim, do something that you love. You won’t feel guilt, stress or worry. You will enjoy free time more, because you feel you accomplished something and managed to relax and recharge.

When you accomplish lots of small tasks, you will eventually achieve the bigger, overall project or goal. That’s success, and you have to celebrate it with your Prize Moment!

What are you going to do with an extra time you are getting? How are you going to celebrate your achievements? Please leave a comment, and share this post with people you think will find it interesting and useful.

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