When you get a bag of candy with your new ukulele

If you buy an item online, it arrives on time, and looks/works as you expected, you just move on.  There is no need to share your experience or leave feedback. That’s what’s supposed to happen. But if something about the product or service was terrible or unexpectedly amazing, you’ll tell everyone. 

“Wow” your clients

Everybody likes when they are treated with extra care. My kids were so happy when the Sweetwater music company included a bag of candy with the purchase of the new family ukulele.  That was unexpected! That is why we now turn to them for our musical needs. 

When I had an online Etsy shop, I was proud to offer exceptional customer service. I always added a personalized handwritten thank you note with every order, and gift wrapped every item with a bow on a top. People appreciated that little, extra something. It showed them that I cared and made them feel special.

Seth Godin, an author of the book “Purple Cow” explains that it’s not just about the product or service, it’s about the experience. It’s about an emotional bonus people get when they buy something they love. Something that’s worth talking about.

He believes that marketing has to be built on a brand, product, or service. All we do as entrepreneurs is market, market, market. How we create a product, how we treat our clients, how we communicate…

Are you a marketer?

Yes, you are! “We are all marketers”- said Seth! We recommend what we love! We tell our friends about that amazing restaurant we had a delicious dinner at recently. We recommend the most stylish and comfortable shoes to our coworkers, the best airplane company to a cousin… We talk about things we love, and we are excited to share with others.

I highly recommend you check out Seth Godin’s blog, podcast and books. You’ll find his insights remarkable.

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